Calendar of Events


· Conquering Depression:

o The role of hormones in the cause of brain damage, how stress can lead to depression, How can stress make you drug dependent and many steps to improve your life.

· Ultimate Makeover:

o Discover your road map to a maximized life, why you can't lose weight, how to lose the extra pounds, things to eat to become a healthy lean machine, how to exercise in under 15 min a week with no need to purchase any machines as well as how to leave a legacy.

· Heart Smart Nutrition:

o What not to do and what to do instead, how can medicine affects the function of your heart, the five essentials to a maximized life and the three radical changes that can lead you towards a better overall health, among other things.

· Raising a Drug Free healthy family:

o What not to do, the difference between a healthy body and a sick one, how can our approaches to health can either help us or destroy us, what to avoid and how to pass it on to your loved ones.

· Holiday Health workshop highlights:

o How to eat right during this season, discovering your energy bank, how to supplement properly during this season to increase your immunity. The benefits of exercising during this season, the main things to avoid and discovering the JOY model.

· Cancer Prevention Workshop :

o The myths about Cancer, the top causes of cancer, the main war on cancer, how does nutrition affect it, the effects of inflammation on cancer and the main role of exercise in cancer prevention.

· Diabetes Prevention workshop:

o The risk factors for type 2 diabetes, the main Epidemic in this country, the keys to beating diabetes and the beautiful role of exercising in reducing and eliminating Diabetes of your life.

· Kids Nutrition Workshop:

o How can I know if my children are really healthy, why are our kids sicker than ever today, the proper eating habits of health, what kind of foods you can consume and what foods to avoid, how to read the labels and much more.

· How to have a bullet proof working nervous system:

o What is the organ that gives you health and controls health, the role of your nervous system on the function of your body, how to know if my body is functioning and healing at 100%, the role of the nervous system in your immunity, what is true health and many steps to take towards a bullet proof working nervous system.

· Advance Fitness class:

o Discover how to get your spine ten times stronger thru routines and exercises. Hoping this preview helps you understand the information I am trying to provide for our community, if you should have any more questions do not hesitate to contact me.

The power to heal comes from within you.